Vibro Ripper

Product details

The RB Vibro ripper was developed to replace low productivity at mid-low Rockwell hardness stone of general gas type or Rammer type hydraulic breaker fault.
It exceeds the hydraulic breaker production two or three times in the mid-low Rockwell stone hardness.
We produce these Vibro Ripper for 20ton to 50ton excavators, model RBV220 to RBV520 in Korea.

As this RB Vibro ripper is operated by hydraulic motors mainly, we adopts the first quality Italy or Korea hydraulic motor.
Referring to the main parts, we are doing twelve months warranty system, which may be given more quality satisfaction. 

The advantage of the RB Vibro ripper is that it enables continuous on-site work without any breakage.

Applications : Road construction, noise-sensitive area, downtown construction site, Mining, quarrying, permafrost, trenching, drainage, dredging, tunnels, foundations

Available hydraulic excavator machine range: 
20ton to 50ton
‌Warranty: twelve months from the B/L date
gearbox, hydraulic motor, 
six months from B/L date: tool body
Packing: Int'l standard wooden box
Free supply spare parts; drain kit, toolbox

gas charging kit, tooth 1pcs, manual
FTA applicable countries from Korea (attached)

H.S code: 8431 49 9000, other

‌Higher productivity & efficiency than any other attachments
Maintenance-free equipment with extremely low operating costs
2500-2800rpm high-frequency vibration
Eco-friendly and noiseless equipment (80dB)

  The RB Vibro ripper can be operated by selecting tooth type or chisel tool type according to the working environment. Where drilling or blasting operations are not permitted due to safety, environmental or simple cost concerns, and it can also be used at demolition sites and mines.