Bucket crusher

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 The RB Bucket crusher, which was developed for the first time in Korea and operated only in the domestic market, was finally introduced to overseas customers. Because we have confidence in the quality.

The RB Bucket crusher has applied high-strength special materials to all systems so that it can be used for a long time without trouble in harsh construction sites. Jaw crusher also uses Hi-Mn (high manganese) and Hardox for wear parts.

The stone-cutting size adjuster is sure to give pleasure to customers. If the operator is replaced parts from RB manual  timely manner by cycle, the operating life of this bucket crusher will exceed the expectations of customers.
‌Cutting size adjust range: 20mm to 110mm

Available hydraulic excavator machine range: 20 to 40ton
Warranty: twelve months from the B/L date
‌gearbox, hydraulic motor, a fixed jaw, moving jaw

Packing: Int'l standard wooden box
FTA applicable countries from Korea (attached)
H.S code: 8431 49 9000, other

Applications: Road construction, noise-sensitive area, downtown construction site, Mining, quarrying, permafrost, trenching, drainage, dredging, tunnels, foundations

Operation Principle: Bucket crushers are primarily employed in mining and demolition to break down crude minerals, concrete, and masonry. During the crushing process, the crusher bucket is positioned vertically to release the crushed material. The jaw bucket works with the hydraulic system of the excavator. The hoses to the excavator, for intake and draining the oil, are connected directly to the crusher bucket. 
A hydraulic valve block regulates the oil flow and the oil pressure to the correct amount of the hydraulic motor leave. The movement is transferred to one of the two crushing jaws, the other stops.