RB Silenced Rock Breaker
‌Option: ABF (Anti Blank Firing) System

Product details

Silenced Heavy-Duty Housing  Type (S version)
RBH-S adopts the nitrogen gas operating method. 
‌It is designed to prevent any damage caused by operating vibration which could otherwise be detrimental to both 
‌carrier and breaker itself.
‌Our breakers feature reduced noise levels, low operating costs, internal component protection, and many more features to make any operation successful.

ABF system abstraction (Option)
Hydraulic breaker is an attachment that uses hydraulic energy generated from the excavator to strike the upper part of the chisel through the up-and-down reciprocating motion of the piston. It is a device that applies continuous impact, and in the case of a secondary crushing workshop, empty strikes occur frequently, which may cause cracks or breakage of the front head and chisel pins, which are the breaker's chisel support parts. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, the ABF system that prevents an empty striking from occurring by immediately changing the flow path when an empty air occurs is called an ABF (Anti Blank Firing) system.

RB hydraulic breaker for the excavator machine range: 
 5ton to 50ton
‌Warranty: twelve months from the B/L date
‌ cylinder, piston, back head, front head, valve
‌Packing: Int'l standard wooden box
‌Free supply spare parts; chisel tools x 2pcs,  in/out hose x 1set,
‌ nitrogen gas tank, toolbox (various wrench), seal kit x 1set, manual
‌FTA applicable countries from Korea (attached)
‌H.S code: 8431 49 1000, hydraulic breaker


 RB  Silenced hydraulic breaker features;
- Improved durability by making chisel pins and through-bolts larger than other companies
- Reinforcement of durability by minimizing welding of brackets

- Application of two-stage stroke and ABF (Anti Blank Firing) system/ Option
- Increase the top dead center of the piston to strengthen the striking power

[Upgrade Quality]
- Solved the problem of the chisel stop pin falling out
- No oil leakage when replacing the control valve
- Prevents shaking when assembling the body and bracket

- Easy disassembly and assembly
- Control valve can be replaced quickly on site
- Easy maintenance
- Extend the life of parts

The factors that determine the quality and operating life of a hydraulic breaker are as follows.
Metallurgy (the best combination)
Hydraulic breaker main materials is a special steel that alloys Ni, Cr, and Mo, so RB uses
the best quality of Made in Korea steel.

Heat treatment know-how:
 We work in a company specializing in heat treatment with over 40 years of experience in Korea.
Tolerance know-how:
Before assembling each part of the hydraulic breaker, apply the best assembly tolerance to maintain the best quality.


RB Old Catalogue, 2015 edition