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  • Piston processing

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    Quality Products

    RB is committed to offering our customers top-to-the-line breakers.
    We continue to refine RB breaker portfolio
    to ensure that customers can choose from gas assisted
    breakers or fully hydraulic breakers to meet their
    specialized needs.


    Quality Assurance system

    RB technicians has over fifteen works experience
    in the hydraulic breaker fields.

    RB breaker components are manufactured over 70% by ourselves at the factory.
    We are running the several programs to help keep RB provided breakers quality assurance:
    - Minimum Warranty be provided by twelve months on breaker main components,
    such as cylinder, piston and B/Front head, valve set


    Breaker components Exchange programs

    - Welcomed OEM breaker placed ordering

    -Planned and available on breaker produce trace system

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